Based in London, Chris is a highly sought-after piano/vocal coach and teacher with fluent working knowledge in both piano and singing.

Aside from performing, Chris loves teaching and has established many working relationships with top drama schools and a roster of private clients.

Chris holds a Licentiate of Royal Academy of Music (LRAM) and has a full Enhanced DBS certificate. He has taught and worked with over 1000 students of all ages and abilities for more than 13 years, ranging from beginners to VIPs, as well as seasonal West End performers and students in workshops, summer schools, bootcamps and regular weekly sessions.

Below are a few popular services Chris offers on a regular basis as they are more individual based. Though Chris has the capacity and enjoys delivering group sessions too.

Whatever your requirements are, please get in touch today and Chris will cater to what is best for you and your outcome.

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Vocal Coaching

Over the years, Chris has worked with numerous singers across all ages, stages and abilities, and he can work with you to help prepare for any audition/role.

A typical session will include discussions on music interpretation, stylistic awareness, diagnosing and improving any vocal challenges you may have. This will suit anyone who have learned their songs and wanted to bounce new ideas and/or troubleshoot passages. 

This is most effective when delivered in person in London, but Zoom is an excellent alternative for anyone who wanted a slightly more flexible option with a discounted rate too.

Please get in touch today to discuss how I can help you.

(Note: whilst technique may be discussed in the session, this is NOT a technical singing lesson. Please get in touch if you need looking for recommendations on ethical technical singing teachers who get results)

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Repertoire Coaching

Finding the right repertoire is a dating process, Chris believes that you are more likely to perform at your best when you love the songs you are singing.

Chris has an extensive repertoire knowledge and will be able to help you refresh your repertoire options and knowledge if you are stuck or are in need of new inspiration.

There are options for one-off general consultation and maintenance too.

As part of the service, Chris can also offer suggestions on cuts, edits or transpositions should this be useful for any auditions or performances.

For practical sessions, this is most effective when delivered in person in London. However, Zoom or emails/DM’s are excellent alternatives for anyone who wanted a more discussion based approach at a discounted price.

Please get in touch today to discuss how I can help with your repertoire requirements.

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Piano Accompaniment Recording

As an alternative, Chris is fully equipped to provide any recordings for remote/self-learning. He has produced recordings for auditions, voice reel backing tracks and tracks containing multiple harmony lines within the same song.

Chris normally offer both “piano only” and “vocal guide track” with each request, for more details, please get in touch to discuss your recording requirements.

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